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What Are The Good BitTorrent Search Engines ?

Q. What Are The Good BitTorrent Search Engines?

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As of November 19, 2005, the 5 Best Bit Torrent search engine sites are listed below.

The criteria used to evaluate these torrent sites: breadth and depth of database, database currency, ease of use and searching, speed of access, general integrity of files, information provided about the files, information provided on the torrent P2P community, price of membership, and readers suggestions.

Warning: while P2P file sharing technology is completely legal, many of the files traded through P2P are copyrighted. Unless you live in Canada where citizens are shielded from P2P copyright lawsuits, then downloading P2P files may put you at risk for a civil lawsuit in any other country. These lawsuits usually take the form of class-action suits, filed against groups of users who are logged as blatantly copying and distributing copyrighted materials. Recently, the MPAA and RIAA, along with the governments of England and Australia, took several thousand users to court, demanding that they pay thousands of dollars in copyright infringement penalties.

Your Internet Service Provider may, at their discretion, release their logs of your downloading activity to potential copyright plaintiffs. The more megabytes you download, the more you risk being sued by the MPAA, RIAA, and other pro-artist groups. Please keep this risk in mind before you use any of the following Torrent search engines below.

(A free torrent site, this Canadian database is fighting off the threat of an MPAA law suit. The site owner is a true libertarian, and is mounting a compelling defense against the MPAA. Read the details at the Isohunt home page. This is an outstanding torrent database, and P2P users are cheering for its continued success and operations.)

(Currently a free torrent site, Torrentspy is also an outstanding site for overall size, speed, and user-friendliness. Alas, there are fears that will be shut down in the near while.)

3. The Pirate Bay
(This site is out of Europe, and has managed to evade RIAA and MPAA prosecution to date. The user following is also growing quickly as people discover this tremendous database. Special thanks to our About readers for this URL!)

4. MiniNova?.org
(Also a no-fee torrent site, MiniNova? is still young. But it is a clean and reliable interface with fast access and searching. With time, the membership and database here will grow.)

(Also known as “VIP Torrents”, is a free Torrent site with a spartan look and fast searching format.)

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