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Mon Revo que j'aime !


Le Psion Revo est une très bonne machine bien que viellissante aujourd'hui (Août 2004). En tout cas elle fait ce dont j'ai besoin, elle est agréable à utiliser et reste un très bel objet electronique.

Il a un gros defaut : il merdoie considérablement au niveau de la batterie et de sa charge.
J'ai tenté de solutionner ce problème après l'avoir cru mort et c'est tout con.

Changement de la batterie

Beaucoup de choses sont expliquées ici :

Liens morts ci-dessous immortalisés ici :

Comments by Dale : FYI... From: Harrison Spain ( Subject: Re: Revo battery - found a clue! View: Complete Thread (13 articles) Original Format Newsgroups: comp.sys.psion.apps Date: 2001-09-27 15:00:41 PST With some help from the net, I gave up trying to keep my Revo batteries charged and simply replaced the batteries. I even have another spare set in case I ever need to do this again (the batteries I bought came in a 4 pack!) :-). It is not as hard as it sounds and my Revo now acts like a newborn! I can carry it to meetings and leave the sound turned ON! I can leave it out of the charger for more than 30 seconds without it dying for a recharge! Wonderful! Here is how you can replace your Revo batteries: 1) Buy a replacement set of batteries. You want the Nickel Metal Hydride (NiMH?) AAA 1.2V. They are available all over; I think I found mine through PCBAY; 2) Once they arrive, you are ready to take apart your Revo (don't sweat it, your Revo is not very useful with dead batteries anyway). 3) Carefully pry off the "Psion revo" label. No matter how careful you are, you will bend it a bit but that's OK. Set the label aside trying not to get the sticky side dirty; after all, you will be putting it back on later! 4) Look carefully at your Revo where you took the label off. If you look closely, you will notice two metal PINS lying flat and sticking into each side. It is not obvious but with a knife or small screw driver, these pins can be MOVED OR PRIED INWARD to release the cover. 5) Once the cover comes loose, you can bend the sides out slightly and rotate the top cover back. Careful! IT does not come all the way off! You just open it enough to peek in and see the batteries. You may have to pry open the back between the silver and black plastic with a knife or screwdriver. 6) The batteries are press fitted into the back of the case. Take your knife or screw driver and carefully disconnect that little molex connector on the right (just pry it loose; take your time). You can then carefully PRY/WEDGE the batteries out of the case. 7) Now you disect the batteries (heh heh). Remove the plastic wrapping etc. until you have the bare batteries. 8) I found it easier to cut off the wires and solder on little extensions. Don't try to use the existing wires! After snapping them off, they will be too short and you want a little wiggle room to get this all back together. 9) Once you have a little piece of wire connected to the harness, you are ready to solder the wires on to the batteries. Get a soldering gun (you want something that will work pretty quick). Put a bead of solder on the end of the battery. Tin the wire (put a little solder on the wire). Solder the wire to the battery. Make sure your solder joints are pretty flat. Remember, this all has to fit back in the case. 10) Once you have everything soldered together, put small pieces of tape over the solder connections to keep things from shorting out. I didn't worry about the two middle connections (they are supposed to touch anyway). 11) Slide in the right side of the batteries and re-connect the molex connector. 12) Slide the batteries into the back of the housing. This will be a press fit so I didn't see any reason to tape it in there or anything. 13) Re-position the cover and slide those two pins back OUT. You will have to mess with this a bit to blindly find the holes but they will eventually slide back into place. 14) Snap the sides of the top cover into place. Snap the back of the cover together. 15) Replace the PSION revo label. 16) Charge and enjoy your new Revo!

Ah Ah Ah ! Encore un hacker d'E133t !

Ca me rappelle ceux qui ont aussi magnifiquement créé une page hacked sur ce wiki ou ToutLeMondePeutEcrire !

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